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San Francisco 49 person team coach Jim Harbaugh announced on Wednesday, Colin Kaponike ( ColinKaepernick ) in this week's race will continue to become the starting quarterback new nfl jerseys. Habo said that since the game in which Alex Smith and Kaponike who will start the game will during the week to make a decision.

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The Green Bay Packers All-Star wide receiver Greg - Jennings this week is expected to return. The problem now is that this Sunday at home against the Minnesota Vikings team new nfl jerseys Jennings can play over a long period of time.

Liberman on Open Access and the three-legged stool

This post over at Language Log is highly recommended. A quick excerpt:

“reproducible research” [...] requires three things: (1) the data sets that serve as input; (2) the programs needed to run the experiment; and (3) a comprehensible account of what the experiment does, why it matters, and what the results are.

This is from Mark Liberman's abstract for his talk at the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference taking place in Maryland (not Berlin).

Conference on Science and the Internet 2012

From the call for papers:

Online media have brought about numerous changes in scholarly practices, including, but not limited to gathering data, finding relevant literature, making research and results accessible, organising collaboration, communicating with colleagues and students as well as creating fruitful learning environments.

EURALEX conference

Call for papers
Papers, posters and software demonstrations are invited on all topics of lexicography, including, but not limited to, the following fields, which are the main focus of the congress:
• Lexicography and national Identity
• Indigenous Languages and Lexicography
• Corpus-driven Lexicography
• Lexicography in Language Technology
• Multilingual Lexicography
• Lexicography and semantic Theory
• Terminology, LSP and Lexicography
• Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
• Other topics

RELISH-Symposium „Rendering Endangered Lexicons Interoperable through Standards Harmonization”, Frankfurt, October 10, 2011 “RELISH meets LOEWE”

The RELISH project promotes language-oriented research by addressing a two-pronged problem: (1) the lack of harmonization between digital standards for lexical information in Europe and America, and (2) the lack of interoperability among existing lexicons of endangered languages, in particular those created with the Shoebox lexicon building software. The cooperation partners in the RELISH project are the University of Frankfurt (FRA), the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI), and Eastern Michigan University, the host of the Linguist List (ILIT).

LRL 2011: Addressing the Gaps in Language Resources and Technologies

From the call for papers:

Date: 25.11.2011, half-day (afternoon) + banquet
LTC Workshop paper submission deadline : 05-sep-2011

Theme: Covering the existing gaps in Language Resources (LR) and Technologies (LT) is a challenging task not only for the so-called "Less-Resourced Languages" (LRL) but also for the technologically more advanced ones. Therefore we believe that this workshop will be of general interest for all. Still, the needs of the less-resourced languages are worth being specifically considered in order to reduce the unbalanced situation among languages.


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