Greg Jennings will return, new nfl jerseys

The Green Bay Packers All-Star wide receiver Greg - Jennings this week is expected to return. The problem now is that this Sunday at home against the Minnesota Vikings team new nfl jerseys Jennings can play over a long period of time.

In September 9th Jennings 's opener abdominal muscle tear, he missed the last 7 games, and in November 1st he underwent a repair operation. Coach Mike - Mccarthy Jennings is expected to return to full training on Wednesday nike nfl jerseys. " I think he is ready to play, " Mccarthy said. " He needs a week of training, this is our plan.

Jennings last week took part in the team all 3 days of training, and at last Friday said he is ready to play, but last week the team lost 10-38 to New York giants games he has not been activated. " As a player, each player wants to play the game. I have no different. I want to play, especially when you feel good time. " Jennings said last week nike nfl jerseys china. " But the final decision is to the coaches to make. "

Although Aron - Rodgers 's side and Jody - Nelson, James - Jones and Langdale Cobb, but without Jennings or to the packers offense caused great influence cheap nike nfl jerseys, at present the packers games are advancing 342.9 yards rank eighteenth in the league, 24.8 points per game ranked thirteenth. But on the season they averaged 35 ranking first in the league, averaging 401.5 yards ranked fifth nfl jerseys cheap.

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