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Sztachety PVC

Rozgraniczenia Budowlane, Kruche, Wyjściowe Pokroje Plus Specyfikacjasztachety z PCVogrodzenie domu

Nalepszy blog o zdrowiu

Sprawdź koniecznie nowy, ciekawy blog o problemach z potencją: link

Summer School "Coding for Language Communities"

Between 11th and 15th of August the Centro Interdisciplinar de Documentação Linguística e Social will organize another summer school in Minde (Portugal), dedicated to the topic "Coding for Language Communities" (CLC 2014).

Review of Glottolog 2.0

Back in February of 2012, Sebastian Nordhoff (MPI-EVA) announced on Cyberling the launch of Glottolog/Langdoc, a comprehensive database of bibliographic data about the world’s languages.[1] Unfortunately, given the ephemeral nature of Web resources, links in this announcement, such as "Give me all works about Zulu" now return 404 error messages. However, these broken links are due to the release of the new Glottolog 2.0 and they are sure to be fixed, if they haven’t been already.[2]

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Круг Р18

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