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Beijing early morning of December 3rd, in the new nfl jerseys 2012 season thirteenth weeks in a match, the new England patriots in the away game by 23-16 victory over the Miami dolphins, get ahead of the AL East champions.

This is the Patriots for the fourth consecutive season won the division championship nike nfl jerseys. " To return to the playoffs and feeling good, " coach Bill - Bailey chick. The patriots have won 6 in a row, this is their twelfth season winning percentage over 50%.

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Beijing early morning of December 3rd, in the new nfl jerseys 2012 season thirteenth weeks in a game, the home of the Denver Broncos team to a 31-23 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Payton - Manning with 3 touchdown passes nike nfl jerseys. The Broncos got ahead of the Al West championship.

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