A match to produce a two division championship

Beijing early morning of December 3rd, in the new nfl jerseys 2012 season thirteenth weeks in a game, the home of the Denver Broncos team to a 31-23 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Payton - Manning with 3 touchdown passes nike nfl jerseys. The Broncos got ahead of the Al West championship.

The Broncos won 7 in a row, the Vikings lost in Thursday's game to help win the Atlanta Falcons lock ahead of the League of nations southern champion nike nfl jerseys china.

Manning this competition passes a ball 242 yards, and this season he has reported 29 touchdowns, surpassing Jack - Plummer and John - alvi became the Broncos history of single season touchdown number of legendary quarterback. Manning's two touchdown pass to de double - Thomas, the latter in this field had 8 catch for 99 yards cheap nike nfl jerseys. Linebacker von Miller had an interception return touchdown, this is his occupation career the first scored for the team.

The Broncos defense group successfully trapped Vikings rookie running back Doug Martin nfl jerseys cheap, Martin in the game only 18 times in advance the ball 56 yards rushing.

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