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Beijing time on December 10th, the NFL2012 regular season for fourteenth weeks developed much match, at home to the defending champion New York giants in the 52-27 thrashing of the New Orleans saints. Giants quarterback Eli Manning out of 4 passing touchdowns, rookie running back David Wilson 2 red ball touchdown, another 97 yard kickoff return touchdowns new nfl jerseys, Manning and Wilson 's excellent play let the defending champion zoning advantage again step expansion.

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This week night tournament will consist of two American League Division leader, and may be united the final rehearsal, 11 wins 1 of the negative Houston Dezhou the man if the first away defeat, that future playoff they still have a long way to go new nfl jerseys. 11 years of the 5 super bowl with the new England patriots this week at home, 6 straight patriot will Dezhou break away this season unbeaten Jinshen?

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Beijing time on December 10th, the NFL2012 regular season for fourteenth weeks developed much match, at home to the Green Bay Packers to a 27-20 victory over the Detroit lions new nfl jerseys. 239

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