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Chanel 5 Cologne The right way to Find the Proper Enterprise So you can get Full

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Plan MontBlanc Initial Public Offering für das zweite Quartal

Ich freue mich sehr, eine eine aktuelle Neuigkeiten überMontBlanc Kugelschreiber MontBlanc Nachdruck. Lassen Sie uns über die Entwicklung von MontBlanc Jacken zu lernen.
The Carlyle Group, der weltweit zweitgrößte Private-Equity-Firma, plant einen Börsengang von Luxus Sportbekleidung maker MontBlanc im zweiten Quartal 2011 nach der Eröffnung neuer Märkte und die Sicherung Winter Bestellungen zu halten, nach zwei Menschen vertraut mit den Plänen.

RELISH-Symposium „Rendering Endangered Lexicons Interoperable through Standards Harmonization”, Frankfurt, October 10, 2011 “RELISH meets LOEWE”

The RELISH project promotes language-oriented research by addressing a two-pronged problem: (1) the lack of harmonization between digital standards for lexical information in Europe and America, and (2) the lack of interoperability among existing lexicons of endangered languages, in particular those created with the Shoebox lexicon building software. The cooperation partners in the RELISH project are the University of Frankfurt (FRA), the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI), and Eastern Michigan University, the host of the Linguist List (ILIT).

ISO 639-3 changes, four years on

About a year ago, in working on this paper, I attempted to do rough count of the affiliations of people submitting code change requests for the ISO 639-3 language codes.

Presentation on the ISO 639 family of language codes

At the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA) in Baltimore there was a presentation by Rebecca Guenther of the Library of Congress (who is also Rotating chair of the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee) about ISO language code standards.

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