computational linguistics

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Crowdsourcing WALS using Linked Data

The World Atlas of Language Structures project ( is one of the landmarks of digital linguistics. It contains 192 features in 2678 languages. However, the resulting data matrix is very sparse, and instead of the possible 514176 datapoints, there are only about 68000, or 13%.

Interview: New blog for experimental statistics in corpus linguistics

An interview with Sean Wallis, author of

What led you to set up the blog?

The blog comes from several sources. My research background is in cognitive science and AI, and in particular machine learning applied to scientific research, and statistics is a key component of that. I have been involved in regular debates about the role of statistical evidence in corpus linguistics over the years, so (for example) you will find some of the same experimental design themes about choice in our 2002 book, I am not a linguist "by trade" but a methodologist, so I can only work by collaborating with and learning from others.

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