Resolution on Cyberinfrastructure for Linguistics on LSA ballot

The LSA resolution on cyberinfrastructure for linguistics is now up for a vote of the membership. LSA members can vote here. (Information on joining LSA.)

Here is the LSA's summary of the resolution:

"Resolution #2, a 'Resolution on Cyberinfrastructure,' expresses the LSA’s support for exploiting the power of modern information technology to the fullest extent in linguistic research, by making available in digital form full data sets behind publications, working towards standards ensuring interoperability, creating new analysis tools, and other relevant measures."

We posted the full text of the resolution earlier this year.

The other resolution on the ballot is also highly relevant to cyberling:

"Resolution #1, a 'Resolution Recognizing the Scholarly Merit of Language Documentation,' puts the LSA on record as supporting the recognition of work in language documentation as a scholarly contribution to be given weight in the awarding of advanced degrees and in decisions on hiring, tenure, and promotion of faculty."


Deadline approaching!

The deadline for voting on the resolutions is 5/31.

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