LiLT Special Volume: Implementation of Linguistic Analyses against Data

We are pleased to announce that Linguistic Issues in Language Technology Volume 3, Implementation of Linguistic Analyses against Data has appeared. This volume, edited by Terry Langendoen and Emily Bender, contains papers by presenters at the LSA 2009 invited symposium "Computational Linguistics in Support of Linguistic Analysis".

Table of contents:

Special volume Introduction, D. Terence Terence Langendoen, Emily M. Bender
Computational Linguistics in Support of Linguistic Theory, Emily M. Bender, D. Terrence Langendoen
Reweaving a Grammar for Wambaya, Emily M. Bender
Computational strategies for reducing annotation effort in language documentation, Alexis Palmer, Taesun Moon, Jason Baldridge, Katrin Erk, Eric Campbell, Telma Can
Affective 'this', Christopher Potts, Florian Schwartz

We would like to thank Chris Kennedy and Larry Horn, who as co-chairs of the Program Committee for that meeting invited us to organize the symposium, David Lightfoot for encouraging us to move forward quickly to disseminate this work, and Annie Zaenen for agreeing to consider the papers for publication in LiLT and getting them reviewed in a very timely fashion.

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