2011 CI Computing Fellows

This might be of interest to folks: The call for the 2011 CI computing fellowships is out: http://cifellows.org/. These fellowships provide very generous funding:

The CIFellow’s salary for one year, at $75,000.
Health and other fringe benefits for the CIFellow. We expect the host institution to offer the CIFellow the standard package that it normally offers.
Discretionary expenses for the CIFellow, including moving costs as well as other minor costs (such as travel to conferences, etc.).
Indirect costs for the host institution (up to 25%).

For hosts, see http://cifellows.org/match/ (but any PI can add themselves to the database for free).

Before you prepare applications, make sure to check out: http://cifellows.org/faqs.html, and in particular, they contains tons of useful information.

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