5 Linguistics Annotation Workshop (LAW V) at ACL 2011, Portland OR, June 23-24, 2011

From the workshop webpage:

Linguistic annotation of natural language corpora is the backbone of supervised methods of statistical natural language processing, as well as other types of corpus-based research. The Fifth LAW will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of innovative research on all aspects of linguistic annotation, including creation/evaluation of annotation schemes, methods for automatic and manual annotation, use and evaluation of annotation software and frameworks, representation of linguistic data and annotations, etc. As in the past, the LAW will provide a forum for annotation researchers to work towards standardization, best practices, and interoperability of annotation information and software.

Although data can be used very differently in computational linguistics from general linguistics, many of the issues that come up, especially around interoperability are the same. In addition, I believe that the field of linguistics could learn much from the approaches to annotation taken in computational linguistics.

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