Dutch act process is disclosed chiefs players

Local time on the morning of December 1st, the chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher at the Emirates team training base by Dutch act, the chiefs general manager and coach saw Belcher in the Dutch act after, before new nfl jerseys, first of all in the family killed his girlfriend.

A police spokesman said that morning, about seven thirty, Belcher at home kill 22 year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, Baer Che 's mother saw immediately after the alarm, two people have a three month old daughter nike nfl jerseys. But now Belcher has to go for a drive, then to arrowhead stadium, when Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel face, Baer with a pistol shot himself in the head penetration.Police said that morning, about seven fifty, they received the alarm, then an injured young women were taken to a local hospital, but died soon after. At eight ten, received the arrowhead stadium alarm, a young black man a gun in the stadium, with the characteristics of prior cases, but when the police arrived at the scene, the man shot on Dutch act, at the site of the Pioli and Clay Neil before the shots had Erche conversation and shellfish, but failed to stop his Dutch act nike nfl jerseys china.

Emirates team boss Clark - Hunter in the tragedy, quickly issued a statement, he said: " the chiefs family for today's events felt deep sorrow, the heart of each one of us are very painful, as the tremendous tragedy for the family to pray, at the same time we also obtained from all walks of life and the Kansas City from the NFL other members of the union sympathy, we will be the victim of this incident continue to pray cheap nike nfl jerseys. At the same time, we will cooperate with the police for further investigation, and the introduction of adequate psychological consultation mechanism, avoid this happen again at the Emirates team any one person. Kansas city mayor Sly James and Pioli after simple conversation, Pioli said to the mayor, the fans would continue to support the team at this time, the normal competition is not affected, James promises, the people of the city are the chiefs of the backing nfl jerseys cheap. Afterwards after and alliance of communication, the chiefs on Sunday against the Panthers unanimous decision for the game as usual.

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