The Vikings rear defence alliance leader was fine

Jared Allen during a game last week an impact to the Chicago bears for winger Lance Lewis season insurance, in same district rival was looked down at the same time he has been punished union new nfl jerseys. According to sources, Alan on Wednesday was a fine of $21000.

Lewis in the impact of anterior cruciate ligament tear, has declared the season nike nfl jerseys. Many bears players, including coach Lovie - Smith said they believed that the impact is not necessary, but also is an extremely dirty nike nfl jerseys china. Alan on Wednesday did not comment, but he in the field after the game had said that it had no intention to hurt Lewis.

Previously it was feared that the crash may have Alan suspended punishment, but Alan was never considered a play dirty players cheap nike nfl jerseys, he on the charity and contribution to be conscientious and do one's best on the pitch for him in the League to win a good reputation. The Green Bay Packers quarterback Aron - Rodgers said he treated Alan with respect, no matter be put him as a player and a person nfl jerseys cheap. " Just from my personal perspective, I know Alan full of respect. " Rodgers says. "I am not only appreciate him on the court 's way of playing, and his philanthropic contributions.

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