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The Green Bay Packers running back Cedric Benson on Wednesday for the left foot operation, he will stay on the injured reserve list until the end of the season new nfl jerseys. In October 10th he was appointed reserve team into the injury / return the list of players, in accordance with the provisions in the last week, he can return to training, and most early in December 9th to play than is increasingly slim.

" Cedric - Benson performed the operation yesterday nike nfl jerseys. This is the ultimate conclusion, " said Mccarthy on Thursday. " This season he will not return to the team. " Mccarthy did not disclose more details about his operation and future projections.

Benson was the packers top running back, before the injury he had 248 yards rushing the ball than the rest of the team, all the players more than the sum of the red ball nike nfl jerseys china. Benson was injured after the packers ground attack turns by John - Kuhn, Alex - Green and James - stark with complete.

Benson in the 2005 cheap nike nfl jerseys draft first-round pick fourth by the Chicago bears selected, his peak period in the Cincinnati tigers live in the tigers, the 4 Season 3 season flushes the ball more than 1000 yards. In August this year nfl jerseys cheap, packers and he signed 1 year $825000 contract.

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