Active Dancer - Free Software App

Active Dancer is a free software that brings real strippers right on your desktop. They say hello in the morning, remind you of your daily tasks and play (sometimes strip) for you whenever you order them to. The desktop software app version is free and has no limits. Active Dancer free showgirls basically hang out on the windows toolbar and when you enable them you can delight with each showgirl at any time while working with your computer normally.Active Dancer includes hundreds of distinctive top models all playing and caressing themselves on your computer screen. It also provides video clips and photo galleries for each girl. Active Dancer features a very easy to use interface that even novices can use. Its video format characterizes maximum resolution strip models including a very amazing zomm function that can scale to an additional 300% larger size. You will get crisp edges and more than enough visibility to see all the details of each girl. You won't believe your eyes ;-), there is no other software app where you can watch such beautiful dancers on so much detail.

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